Excavation 1 (St. Mary Spital) by Cody Rounds

Excavation 1 (St. Mary Spital) by Cody Rounds

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Excavation 1 (St. Mary Spital) by Cody Rounds
  • Excavation 1 (St. Mary Spital)
  • 36"x36"
  • 2015
  • Oil on Canvas

Currently based out of Warwick, NY, Cody Rounds has studied art in the United States and France. Her paintings, videos, and installations have been included in exhibitions across the country, including a prominent feature by the Blue Man Group in Chicago, Illinois.  Her recent 2016 activities include showing with Chris Davison Gallery, having work published in Identity & Anonymity: An Artful Anthology, receiving the Keys of Goshen grant, and a preparing a solo exhibition at Milkweed, Sugar Loaf.

The Excavation series emerges from Rounds' interest in forensic anthropology.  Each painting from this body of work was created from photos of existing mass grave sites across the world.  Upon excavation, these sites act as a time-capsule, revealing information about a culture and time period.  Through the  bodies were treated, we receive a portrait of not just the subject, but also of the cultures' attitudes and spiritual motivations.

Excavation 1 features a mass grave that was excavated in London in 1998.  Originally thinking there was a plague in the 13th century, osteologists discovered that the cause of country-wide death was actually mass starvation from temperature differentiation that resulted from a previously unknown volcanic eruption on the other side of the world.