I am by Katy Melendez

I am by Katy Melendez

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Katy Melendez

(b. Monroe, NY)

 I am, 2016

Charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas

36" x 48"

These paintings are a direct reflection of the past two years of Katy’s life, which have been devoted to a rediscovery of her Self and her spiritual connection to the world around her. She has learned the power of thought and redirecting it to be in line with her soul mission and life’s purpose. Katy’s goal is to help heal others through Yoga, Meditation, and guidance toward awakening one’s own inner-wisdom. However, she is confident to admit she is still a student. She attended Pratt Institute with a major in Graphic Design/Illustration and is now undertaking her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course at Happy Buddha in Goshen. Through the Yogis Heart Organization, she acquired a yoga scholarship and has been studying diligently at Sol Full Yoga Studio in Monroe for the passed year. These paintings capture the beginning of a long-term journey towards Enlightenment.